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ALBUM: Ose – Ever Faithful

Album: Ose - Ever Faithful

Aigbedion Osebhajajemen (Ose) drops her first debut single titled You’ve Shown Me Who You Are. It’s a soul lifting song filled with appreciation to God Almighty.

She started out as a singer in Her local church/the childrens church. She also led songs in the adult church but stopped when she joined the Bank in 2001.

Guess what? She lost Her beautiful voice and realized She was struggling with singing because she stopped ministering in the Church for years. “I begged God for mercy and forgiveness and started hearing songs in my dream.

I usually wake up and just record in my phone and don’t bother to go back to it. I also lost those songs when the phone stopped working and all I put in to fix the phone proved abortive.

I had to just start from the few I could remember. Many Church members and friends that knew I could sing started calling and telling me the need not to allow the ministry and gift I had to die”.

You’ve Shown Me Who You Are is a comeback for Ose. Give Her all the encouragement you can by listening and sharing this new song with friends and family. God will reveal Himself in your life.


Ose - Ever Faithful Album




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