AUDIO + VIDEO: BoyTy Ft. Honeydrop – Dondi (Remix)


BoyTy Ft. Honeydrop - Dondi (Remix)

All that was needed to bring a strong man as SAMSON to his knees was just to make him fall in LOVE.

DONDI takes you on a journey of an unending love filled with consistent betrayal of that love (Just like the case of Samson).

This remix is just the icing on the cake. Santabella Music Empire’s Star Girl; Honeydrop comes in with her angelic sound saying she is not in love but in lust and has no feelings and just wants to play.

BoyTy is here professing love while Honeydrop professes otherwise. This is a love song but also not.

Get “BoyTy Ft. Honeydrop – Dondi (Remix)



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