CTVN: The Global TV Channel that Promotes Entertainment From The African Continent



Cecils entertainment global just launched their Tv channel called Ctvn (Cecils Television Network) Ctvn is a global tv channel where you can stream Home videos, music videos, dance videos, comedy videos and live entertainment programs.
Ctvn is an internet tv channel which is also on Roku tv with an estimated reach of 148 million people.
Our TV channel is centered around African culture, dance, music, drama and lifestyle.
To view our tv channel, visit www.ctvnglobal.com
Also, to get featured on our channel send your video links to:
info@cecilsentertainmentglobal.com (Terms and conditions may apply).
To get more information about our company, visit: www.cecilsentertainmentglobal.com
You can also follow us on Instagram at @ctvn.global.  
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