Izublizz ft. fashey – Comot

Izublizz ft. fashey - Comot
Izublizz ft. fashey – Comot || Nubunk Promotionz

Nigerian artist and activist, izublizz, is making waves with his latest single titled “comot,” which addresses the pressing issue of Nigeria’s leadership crisis.

With this compelling track, izublizz presents a scathing critique of the current state of governance while igniting hope and advocating for a better nigeria. Izublizz features a remarkable artist – fashey, in this masterpiece.

“Comot” serves as an anthem that echoes the frustrations felt by countless Nigerians as they navigate through the challenges caused by failed leadership.

Through his lyrics, izublizz fearlessly tackles issues such as corruption, economic disparity, and political turmoil, shedding light on the detrimental effects they have on the nation and its citizens.

The captivating single is not only a call to action but also an embodiment of unity and determination. Izublizz firmly believes that a brighter future is possible for Nigeria and its citizens


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