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NUMUSIC: Kingturun – Crazy Love

This is something crazy, so crazy, ever blazing, a crazy kinda love. Rastafarian Spiritual Afro Reggae Tune From the only Chronic KingTurun.

I & I preach LOVE & be RASTA-MIND, It’s about your heart, not the dreadlocks!

Kingturun - Crazy Love

Keeping the love burning with Jah !!! Jah Preach Love, but being a fool in LOVE is not of JAH or Rasta-minders !!! So Never Lose Your Soul ! Keep the fire burning, Keep the love burning & never praying to Jah Always FiDa CHRONIC’s

I & I Pray Fi Jah Blessings Always. Roll up the greens & keep the connection spiritually to JAH Firever.

What shall it Profit A MAN who gets Da whole world yet lost his SOUL?

Raaaaaaaaar !!!!! Fire Burn Bad Man!




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